Our Family in Washington

Our Family in Washington

Monday, January 20, 2020

Fall 2019

Fall has come and gone on the reservation! We enjoyed some beautifully colored trees and cool days! As a family, we were able to take some time for vacation after the crazy busy summer. We decided to rent a condo in Park City, Utah. It was a very relaxing time together as a family and wonderful to travel during the off season!

The fall season means that school starts back and all the school year activities on the reservation begin again! Kingdom Kids is always a highlight of Tollie and Zeke’s week. Zack has really enjoyed working side by side in discipleship. He has three young adults that work part time doing mercy ministry with him on the Reservation. Tollie began the first WorkLife session with the employees of Swan Graphics! It has been awesome to dive into God’s word concerning our need to work! Weekly youth group and church services at Hope Fellowship continue to keep Zack busy. Tollie is helping every other Sunday in the preschool room since Zeke is old enough to go into his Sunday group. Zeke is loving having Tionna as his teacher! 🥰

One highlight was our yearly Trunk N Treat at Hope Fellowship! Zack built Zeke a tank from scrap wood and Zeke and he were WWII soldiers. Tollie represented the women as Rosie the Riveter! It was such a joy to see all the children come through and grab a few pieces of candy!

Friday, July 12, 2019

Mid Summer Update!

Summer is always a busy time for us! Short term teams come every other week and then we prep in between. Interns arrive mid May and leave early August! We are praising the Lord for all He has done so far!

Joshua is ordained as a ruling Elder!

Dad and I working on the bus!


Flooring is laid!

Bus Move Day- excited and scared!!!

Zack's summer worksite: Miranda's home!

Joshua was ordained! My mom and dad came for a visit! We got the back window installed in the bus moved it to the church, and laid the flooring! Zack has been working on a complete remodel of 1/2 of a mobile home that was delivered to a Native single mom. 

Zeke and I went to Mississppi to welcome our new cousin! Miles Patrick was born healthy and chill! 🥰
Zekey lost a tooth ON the plane!

Sweet Mamaw!

BOY cousins!

oh hey, NOLA!

Visiting our Cain cousins!

Briggs Tolleson is such a little bundle of cuteness! 

Zeke got to hold Baby Miles!

We had to take the cousins to experience D'Or Croissant Patisserie while in NOLA. 

Celebrating Father's Day with Grandaddy! 

Mammy love:)

Happy Father's Day, Happy!

Zeke perfecting his gator driving skills! Thanks, Happy!

Miles Patrick Williams! 

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Spring Team #3!

This week we had five different groups joining the ministry for the last spring short term week! I had three returning students who worked on the bus last year! Team Berkeley rocked just like last year! Morgan, Rachel, and Julia returned. Our new addition, Gabby, was awesome! Please see some pictures from the week.

We installed metal panels in the bathroom areas, built a front shoe storage/couch armrest, covered the area below the dash, caulked both the kitchen and bathroom sink, and built out the hot water heater closet. We are praising the Lord for all the work completed not just in the bus, but over all the Reservation. 60+ volunteers means that ALOT of work was done! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

I will post more pictures and a great video later this week!

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Spring Team #2 Tiny Bus Progress

A picture is truly worth a thousand words! We are so thankful for the work completed this week! 

Callie and Caroline helped us this year just like the last year! It was really cool because they were the *FIRST* team to work on the bus. Look how far we have come! Praise be to the Lord! This year, Steven and Kristi joined us as well. With the painting done, countertops installed, walls completed, and bunk beds ready to go, the space is really looking like a home! 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Spring Team #2!

The amazing team from RUF at Pitt are back this spring to help us in the community. We’ve been working full time on the bus the past week. Tons of painting, countertop installation, and applying linseed oil to the pieces of furniture that we are leaving natural has been done already! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Monday, January 7, 2019

Winter progress on the tiny bus!

The tiny bus is coming right along because of a few volunteers that have been building the bunk beds, kitchen cabinets, and sofas for the tiny bus. Please see the pictures below!

Sink cabinet 

Pantry which will hold the microwave. 

7’ sofa that can double for sleeping if needed! 
View upon entering the bus!

I painted out the kitchen cabinets today in a sage green color. I’ll post those pictures after we install the white countertops and sink. It’s so fun to see this project go from my mind to paper to reality! It has already taken so many volunteers to make this a reality and it will take a few more before we cross over the 🏁 . The plumbing has been roughed in and we are searching for an electrician now. This warm winter weather has them all busy, busy! I bought the flooring last week as well as the 19 gallon water heater. I chose a light brown vinyl Flooring by Rhino. It has a wood look and is super durable which is what we need most. 🎉 I am really happy to be picking out the finishes now. It seems like there is a light at the end of the construction tunnel! ☺️🙌🏻

Monday, November 19, 2018

Fall Update!

Hi You all!

It has been too long since I last updated! We have been plugging along on the tiny bus, home school preschool, and ministry events over the past several months! Please find below some updated pictures of life here on the Reservation.

In September, we were able to have a family vacation on the Olympic Peninsula. We went to Ruby Beach, Hoh Rainforest, and Lake Crescent. A very generous family allowed us to stay in their cabin on Lake Sutherland for several nights. This was such a blessing after a busy, busy, summer of ministry!

We returned mid- September to the fall ministry events. Tollie and Zeke started his K-4 preschool year, also!

Zack has been spending much time in the community this fall. The firewood ministry as well as general mercy ministry has kept him busy. Zack and two local men have been helping two members of the BYGE. They have installed insulation, walls, and a ceiling in the shed where they live. These living conditions are very typical on the Reservation, but they still bring us to a halt mentally and emotionally when we see it. Once you have a relationship with those in inadequate housing, it becomes more than just a statistic or common knowledge.

We have been truly blessed by some skilled volunteers coming along side us to work on the tiny bus project. The space is becoming formed and we are able to envision how this home will help people in need of emergency housing.

We have been celebrating the fall season with Kingdom Kids and Hope Fellowship. Pumpkin carving, Trunk 'N Treat, and water color sessions bring smiles to so many faces!

Yesterday morning was our Thanksgiving celebration at Hope Fellowship Church. Elk and turkey were served side by side by staff and members of the BYGE.

The Discipleship Groups attended a NEWSBOYS United concert last night! Zack had a 90's flashback during several songs! Events like these are few and far between for youth in our community. We are very THANKFUL for this opportunity to take them!

pic cred: Chuck Clevenger

We are thanking the Lord for all the great things HE has done!