Our Family in Washington

Our Family in Washington

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Moving to the Rez...

Hi Family and Friends!

We are very happy to report that we have a move date! The first week of May, we will pack up our earthly possessions and begin the long trip across these beautiful states of America!

We are currently funded at 55% per month and have the opportunity for Zack to pursue a part time job in the community. The Lord is so, so, good to us! He has seen fit to provide almost all of the support we need.

Will you please pray for us? There are many endings here that we must process and many beginnings once we get to the Reservation. We are so thankful for the past two years with family, friends, and a small community. That being said, we know that while this will always be our "growing up home", it is not our forever home! We are looking towards the future and all that the Lord has in store for us in ministry to the Yakama Nation.

Please pray for these things specifically:

1. For Zack to get a school bus driver job which will bridge the gap in our support needs and provide more opportunities to connect with the Yakama youth. 
2. A healthy "See you later!" to all our family, friends, and Palmer children who visit us.
3. Safe travels for Zack and Jimmy as they drive cross country and for Zeke, Shelle, and Tollie as they fly cross country.
5. A church couple are graciously letting us stay in their studio upon arrival. Please pray for the Lord to provide more permanent housing by the fall. 

Can you help us? With our current support and the part time job, there is roughly a 5% gap in our monthly needs. We need a few more families and churches to come along side us on a monthly basis!

If so, please email us at graygravelroads@gmail.com and let us know how much you are willing to send each month. You may also give online here:


Please join us in praising our Lord and Savior for the great things He has done!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Giving Tuesday

On this Giving Tuesday, we would like to ask you to consider investing in the Kingdom's work with the ministry to the Yakama Nation.

You may give online here: http://www.sacredroadministries.org/www/docs/7/giving.htm

If you prefer to mail a check, please send it to 

Sacred Road Ministries
P.O. Box 400
Harrah, WA 98933
Memo Line: Nail family

We are currently 40% funded and can go when we are at 100%.

Can you help us?

To learn more about the current staff and our roles once on the Reservation, visit the ministry website here:

For further information, please email us at graygravelroads@gmail.com or call us at 601-398-7500.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Summer 2016 Update

Hello Ministry Partners!

We are happy to provide an update on the status of our support raising to join Sacred Road Ministries in Washington state. To date, we have all of our one time costs covered and are at 30% in donations for our monthly needs. We must have 100% of our first years costs and pledges for our second year before we move.

We are eager to go to Washington and are praying that the Lord provides discernment during the support raising process. We ask that you consider thinking of opportunities when we could share about our future roles in the ministry! We would love to speak to your church, small group, or group of friends!

For those more tech- savvy people, please join us on November 10, 2016, at 8 p.m. central via Zoom. We will be presenting on the ministry and would love to "see" many people there! We will post the log in details here closer to time. 

More about this process.....

Once we are funded the first year, we will attend a four week training session (COMPASS) at Mission Training International in Palmer Lake, Colorado. We are very much looking forward to this time! Others that have attended have spoken of the many benefits and we know first hand that training is always a good idea!


There is a session that begins on February 6, 2017, and guess what??? We WANT to be there! The spring work teams arrive to the Reservation mid March. We are praying towards this timeline, but know that the Lord's timing is perfect.

For those who have already given and are giving on a monthly basis:

We appreciate the investment that you are making in the Kingdom's work!

For those of you who haven't given yet and are wondering: Where will the money go?

We made this pie chart so you can see!

Insurance is the highest expense followed by Taxes, Transportation, and Housing. We are picking up half of the youth ministry budget and are raising to foster two children in our home in the future. 

So, what does 30% mean, exactly? 

That means, that we are 70% away from the amount that will send us to work with the Yakama. 
Can you help us?

This is what we need:

(6)  RED donors at $200 per month
(16) YELLOW donors at $100 per month
(36) BLUE donors at $50 per month
(44) ORANGE donors at  $25 per month

Will you consider partnering with us?

If so, here is how you can help:

Paypal is also available at the website. If you prefer to mail a check, please send to 

Sacred Road Ministries
P.O. Box 400 
Harrah, WA 98933
Memo Line: Nail family

We covet your prayers. To receive our quarterly updates via email, please send us an email at graygravelroads@gmail.com.

 Questions? Call Zack at 601-398-7500 or Tollie at 601-942-9881

Monday, April 25, 2016

Spring 2016 update!

Hello Ministry Partners,

We are excited to share an update with you! We have been raising support for five months now. The Lord has opened many doors for us to speak and to share our future roles with Sacred Road Ministries.

Many of you have already given and we are so thankful. We want to take this time to express our gratitude to you! Your one time, monthly, quarterly or yearly gift is so appreciated.  You will be receiving a contribution statement for tax purposes. 

To date, we have received the funds to cover all of our one time needs! Praise be to the Lord!

We stand amazed at the amount raised already and know that the Lord will provide the remainder according to His timing! 

To date, we have 15% of our monthly support pledged. We must have one year’s worth of support in our account and pledges for our second year before we can actually move. We would LOVE to be moved by November of this year if not before!

We are constantly looking for opportunities to share about Sacred Road Ministries. We are searching out non-traditional ways to raise support! More to come on that front soon……

SRM has opened an online store that we would love to share with you! All of the proceeds of the sales go directly to the Yakama artisan. This is one big step for economic development on the Reservation!

We want to share a few pictures from our time spent on the Reservation. These are from our first trip in June 2011 to Warm Springs, Oregon:

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Go west, young man...

Hello Family and Friends!
We have received confirmation and we are going West!!! To the Pacific Northwest, more specifically. We will join Sacred Road Ministries in the Lord's timing. He will use His people to lift us up in prayer and give financially to support the work we will do on the Yakama Indian Reservation in White Swan, WA. 
What will we be doing? Zack will be coordinating short term work groups, helping with the expanding youth group and providing care for Yakama children in our home. Tollie will be taking care of Zeke and Yakama children, working in the after school program and coordinating with the summer interns. We hope to provide residential care in some form to many Yakama children and young adults in the future.
Why are we going? Native American children in the town of White Swan are born into a bleak and seemingly hopeless situation:
  •   75% of the children have some form of disability
  •    the drop-out rate between grades 6 through 12 is 65%
  •    the rate of unemployment is 75% 
  •   70% of teens are functionally homeless
  •    four out of five children are subject to physical or sexual abuse before they reach 14 years of age
  •    all Yakama people are deeply affected by drug and alcohol abuse
  • only 2% of Native Americans claim to be Christian
These are very startling statistics. To see the need first hand is even more affecting. We have seen and heard the need. The teenagers who come to church for youth group and do not know where they will spend the night, the preventable diseases such as infantigo on little ones hands at Kid's Club and barely a speck of food on the floor after gatherings because all the food is consumed. This is life in White Swan. We have seen their reality. Now is the time for us to act. Please prayerfully consider joining our family in this ministry!  

How can you get involved? We are so glad you asked! There are three ways:

Pray: Please keep our family picture nearby and pray for us daily! Specifically that the Lord would give us strength, clarity and dependence on Him!

Give: Checks can be made payable to:  Sacred Road Ministries, PO Box 400, Harrah, WA  98933.  Include “Nail” in the memo line of your check, please.  Gifts can be made online via PayPal or credit card at: http://www.sacredroadministries.com/www/docs/7/giving.htm.  You can set up automatic payment through your bank to send checks to the above address each month. Include “Nail” in the memo line of your check.

Come&See:  Sacred Road hosts short term work groups throughout the year. Skilled laborers are especially needed! Contact Veronica at 509-930-0346 for more information. Once we move to the Reservation, we will be happy to host you!